My 2020 list with 40 proofs that technology is nothing without creativity

Appropriate Response by Mario Klingemann
Appropriate Response by Mario Klingemann
“Appropriate Response” by Mario Klingemann, a prayer bench that triggers a neural network trained with 60,000 quotes

Technology can solve human problems — but I believe that it can help storytelling in increasing a brands’ emotional impact. That’s why I send weekly inspiring creative tech nuggets to creatives and strategists at Jung von Matt and friends from the tech bubble. In a format called ”Five for the week“ I help to cover AI, AR, and other emerging technologies, provide blueprints, or expose hypes and buzzwords.

The following 40 pieces are my personal favorites from the 2020 issues. They show how creative technologies evolved and how they help brands staying relevant and innovative. …

Felix Burger

Senior Concept Creative at Jung von Matt. Basically curious. Never not learning. Mostly about culture, innovation, tech, art, music & food.

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